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When you shouldn’t pursue Music Therapy

The title may seem a little tongue in cheek but music therapy may not be for everyone. You shouldn’t seek music therapy if

  • You are expecting a miracle cure. Music therapy is an effective treatment for a number of conditions but like all therapies, it takes time and a commitment from the client or their caregiver to follow through.

  • You just want to listen to pretty music. Even in receptive forms of music therapy, Therapists are working to evoke an active response from their client. Music therapists also use all genres of music depending on the goals, needs and preferences of the client.

Proceed with caution if

  • You or your loved one has sensory sensitivities. An individualized assessment can help determine the best course of treatment for the client. Music therapy can help address sensory regulation issues. However, they may benefit more from individual rather than group services.

  • You or your loved one has a strong musical background. Music therapy may still be beneficial but the client may have different responses to music than the general population. I once was asked to work with a man who had played for an orchestra because I played the violin. The violin reminded him too much of the things he was no longer able to do and another music therapist was able to serve him better.

Full speed ahead if

  • You are looking for different ways to manage chronic pain

  • You are interested in how music can better aid in Memory Care

  • You are the caregiver of children with developmental delays

If you have any questions about whether or not music therapy is right for you or the person you care for feel free to contact me!

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