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The Times They are A-changing

Like a lot of professions, music therapy has definitely been affected by the current pandemic. It’s been frustrating, heartbreaking, and challenging to adapt. I’m currently not able to see my hospice patients. I have learned a lot about using zoom for my preschool classes. I’ll post more about the process of leading online classes soon. I’ve been able to practice what I preach for self-care. I’m getting better at meditation though it’s still hard for me. I’ve done lots of yoga. I’m re-examining my professional goals. My guitar skills are improving and I’ve had the chance to play banjo for fun! I’ve finished a couple of arrangements for small harp. Now that I’ve learned how to use my son’s audio-interface, I would like to post some calming music videos. Look for new blog posts on Wednesdays and inspirational quotes on Mondays

Take care of yourselves and let me know how I can help!

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