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While some goals are best worked on in private sessions, Nearly all people need a sense of connection with others.  In addition, some goals, such as improving social skills or preventing isolation must be practiced in a group!

Interventions will be based on clients’ needs, preferences, and cultural background as indicated on the intake form and as determined through formal and informal assessment.  Sessions will focus on building strengths, creating opportunities for self-actualization, increasing spiritual, mental and physical health as well as addressing areas of improvement.  Music used during the sessions may be live or pre-recorded (CDs, MP3s, etc.).  Examples of Music therapy interventions that may be used include therapeutic songwriting, social skills training, lyric analysis, music-supported movement, drumming, original songs or lyrics tailored toward the target behavior or skill, Academic and/or pre-academic skills training and support or instrumental playing.  Interventions will be consistent with best practices in music therapy as well as meet current standards of health, safety and infection control.

Sessions will be held in a climate controlled, accessible facility and will focus on exploring different kinds of music-making in a group setting while improving social skills.  Caregivers are welcome to attend and participate.  The therapist will not be responsible for toileting or other hygiene cares.



Are you working to improve the services offered to the clients of your facility?  I offer consultation services for Treatment facilities including but not limited to Long Term Care, Assisted Living, and Residential Treatment.  Services offered are based on meeting the needs of your facility.  I will work with you to create practical and cost-effective solutions.  In addition, since music therapy is a unique service, offering Music therapy may be able to give you a marketing edge.
The frequency, duration, and nature of services provided by the Music Therapist will be determined through a collaborative effort between the Music Therapist, administrators and key members of the treatment team.  If the needs of the contracting facility includes multiple groups or visits to individuals with differing needs, the music therapist may ask for on-site preparation and documentation time.  The music therapist prefers to use on-site equipment when and where possible.  However, the music therapist is able to provide sound and musical equipment.  Documentation of services provided is most appropriately included in the client’s charts.  However, the music therapist will maintain independent records in order to document progress towards the goals determined by the therapist in conjunction with the contracting facility.




I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy as well as experience in Long Term Care and the schools. I have practical hands on experience as a preschool teacher and the parent of children on the Autism spectrum.  I’m also a long time Scouting volunteer and Sunday school teacher.  I have been on both sides of the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) process, both as a professional and a parent. 
I recently passed my board certification exam becoming one of only a handful of board certified therapists in the state of Nebraska.  Board certification demonstrates a high level of education and musicianship as well as a commitment to staying current in the field of Music Therapy. Learn more about Board Certification by visiting the Certification Board for Music Therapists at I have functional skills in a wide variety of instruments including clarinet, harp, piano, guitar, and percussion

Clients or their responsible parties are welcome to contact me by phone or email with concerns and input.  I will do my best to respond promptly.