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Tools of the Trade--Weddings

Thormahlen Serenade for Weddings

2003 Thormahlen Serenade made in Corvallis , Oregon. The harp itself only weighs about 20 lbs. making it easy to load and unload from my van and to take to weddings a little off the beaten path! This harp has a range of 5 octaves which is more than some portable keyboards. It has a rich sound. This is my go-to instrument for weddings and solo performances.

Triplett Christina for Renaissance Faire

Triplett Christina. This harp is small and lightweight. I usually use this for my Good Folk and Lincoln Celtic Players performances where I’m often taking more than one instrument or carpooling. I use this harp at Renaissance Faires. I occasionally have used the Christina as my back up harp when the larger one is in the shop. It projects well even for its small size!

Harpsicle, Sunken Gardens

Harpsicle Harp. The bright yellow of this harp shows up well in photos. If you follow my Facebook page, you’ve seen my “Where in Lincoln”…pictures using this harp. It’s lightweight and has a backpack case so is usually my travel instrument. It has a very light but sweet sound. The bright colors and simple shape are also great for working with children.

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