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Mindful Conversations

When we think of mindfulness, what comes to mind? Do you think of crystals and chanting? Maybe it seems like one more thing to do on your busy to-do list. Meditations and classes can be great tools for helping us to be mindful but mindfulness is really about self-awareness and being in the moment. Being aware of our posture and body mechanics can help us prevent injury. However, poor posture can become so ingrained that it can feel unnatural to become properly aligned. It takes a physical therapist or someone trained in posture and orthopedics to help.

Likewise, it takes self-awareness and humility to have important and difficult cultural conversations. We may have difficulty seeing outside our own community. Are we truly listening or are we just looking for a chance to issue a rebuttal? Are we just listening to voices that sound like us? How do we respond to feedback?

I have been doing some learning and am becoming aware of areas that I can improve. I think it might be a lifetime of learning but that’s OK. It’s worth it.


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