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Is it live or is it...?

So you have an event coming up and you want to include music. Here are some reasons you should consider live music.

  • Memorable—Your guests probably won’t remember what color the bridesmaids dresses were but they will remember that you had a real musician

  • Unique

  • Surprisingly affordable

  • Easy—An experienced music will be able to tell you where and how music can fit into your wedding


  • A Wide variety of choices—Lincoln is a music town. Even if harp isn’t your style, you can find solo musicians and bands covering music from Classical to Country to Rock to Alternative and everything in between.

When you might want a DJ instead

  • You want the song to sound exactly like the original. I’ve heard stories about clients requesting solo musicians to play orchestral pieces or wanting them to play a song just like the artist in the recording.

  • The song you want doesn’t work well on the instrument your musician plays

  • You want continuous music for a long event—Live musicians need to take breaks

Either way, a good musician or DJ should know the music they can offer you and what fits your ceremony or event. They will be able to adapt if something doesn’t go exactly according to plan. Both musicians and DJs have a lot invested in their equipment, whether it be a harp, violin, or a sound system and part of their contract includes steps they need to take to protect that investment. You are also paying for their time whether they play that entire time or not.

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