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What’s happening at Lincolnharper Music Therapy, LLC

It’s December so right now the harp part of my business is in full swing. One church service down and several more to go! I’m also learning (and re-learning) a few lessons about setting limits and time management that are probably familiar to anyone who works from home.

I’ve been doing a lot of Continuing Ed and self-study. I recently completed a class on documentation and learned a few tricks that weren’t available a few years ago when I was first practicing as a Music Therapist! I’ve also had the chance to review the Nebraska Early Guidelines. For those of you with young children or who work with young children, these excellent guidelines are published on the Nebraska Department of Education website.

child playing drum

I’ve also been putting together a Social Skills group for preschool aged children. There are still a few details to work out so keep an eye on my website for details and registration. E. Thayer Gaston, one of the founders of the academic study of Music Therapy, said that “The potency of music is greatest in the group”. Music is an inherently social activity and it’s exciting to be able to offer another modality for children to reach their full potential.

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