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Introducing our new social skills class!

We’re excited to be offering a Preschool social skills class. Young children learn and grow at an incredible rate. Many of the things they learn and experience now will stay with them for their entire life. Early learning experiences can be especially important for those children with special needs or identified with learning or social delays.

Most preschool music programs utilize a pre-set curriculum. These curriculums are usually based on excellent education research; however, this doesn’t allow for much flexibility. In addition, many Early Childhood music classes focus on the parent-child bond. This is important for many families with their busy schedules. However, some children may especially struggle in relationships with other children their own age.

Music is inherently a social activity and most children develop strong social skills by participating in peer group activities. Some children however do not naturally pick up on social cues or model their own interactions on that of other children. They may need a more deliberate focus on age appropriate skills.

The Nebraska Department of Education has created a set of early learning guidelines that address a number of competencies that all children should be able to achieve. One of their areas of focus is social and emotional development. The goals of our social skills class are based on these guidelines as well as the needs of the children served.


To register for our social skills class or one of the demo sessions, please call or email us.

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