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Inappropriate Wedding Songs

I recently ran across a youtube video called inappropriate wedding songs. The comedian was mostly riffing on offensive rock songs. It’s highly unlikely that any bride and groom would request “Dude Looks Like a Lady” for their ceremony but there may be other pieces that may not be appropriate for your wedding.

Some churches have fairly strict rules about what songs are and are not appropriate for a wedding. Even if you are not a member of their congregation, you may be asked to abide by those rules if you use their space or have one of their ministers officiate at your ceremony, even if it is not held in the church building itself.

Some harpists will not play “The Water is Wide” for a wedding because the words tell of infidelity and heartbreak. The tune itself is lovely and there is at least one hymn set to this music so I usually have no problem playing it.

I haven’t had too many odd requests in my time as a harpist. I did once see a bride and groom enter their reception to the Husker fight song. I recently has a request that was a lot of fun to prepare and a really beautiful but gave me a little pause as it was associated with a tragic and dysfunctional relationship in a movie.

What inappropriate music have you heard at a wedding?

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