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The Song of my Heart

Anime girl surrounded by hearts and music notes

Research has shown that the best music to reach someone who struggles with Memory loss or is unresponsive is the music from their youth and early adulthood. If I am ever unable to speak for myself, don’t play Madonna or whatever boy band was the flavor of the day. That’s not what I was listening to. I might enjoy the large famous choir that is associated with my faith but I have spent too much time playing hymns for others. Many of my favorites also carry the associations of the needs and struggles of my clients and loved ones. If you really want to reach me and call on my deepest emotions, play acapella choral music in the Lutheran College Choir tradition. While it might call to mind some of my saddest moments, it will also remind me of my happiest. Nothing compares to the F. Melius Christiansen arrangement of Beautiful Savior.

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