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Have Harp, Will Travel

The pantry practice room is probably the most unusual place I’ve played. However, I do like to take my little yellow harp with me when I travel as long as there is room in the car! I know that I’m unlikely to ever make it to Stone Henge so had to play a few tunes when we stopped at Car Henge a few years ago. Nearly ten years ago there was a harp convention in St Louis. We made it a family vacation, loaded the harps in the car and drove down there. When we made stops at Visitors Centers on the way there, I would play a few tunes in exchange for them allowing me to stash my harps in their closet while we visited. I’ve played my share of weddings and services, as well as patient visits. One of the more unique events I’ve played for is Wood Badge, an adult Scout leader training. I’ve been thrilled to play for the interfaith worship service and even had my photo on the recruiting poster! One of the most moving and personal events was playing at my father-in-law’s bedside shortly before he passed and at his funeral.

Have you played your instrument anywhere unusual? Where would you play if you could?

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