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Radio Show

Photo by Lois Baldwin

We are really fortunate to have a great community radio station here in Lincoln, NE. One of my friends is the programmer for the Celtic Radio show Thunder on the Plains. A few weeks ago, our group the Lincoln Celtic Players was invited to appear on the local radio show “The Wimmin’s Show”. For some reason, this was one of the more nerve-wracking performances to prepare for! We all play several instruments so had to decide what would work best in the studio and what we were most comfortable playing. We are also used to live performance in front of an audience and get a lot of energy from the audience. However, the sound guy was fabulous and was able to get a good balance between even my harp and Susan’s accordion. Deb, the host of the show, put us at ease right away. On the whole it went well and we may even play again!

I suggest checking out Thunder on The Plains on Sunday and Tuesday and the Wimmin’s Show on Sunday on You can listen online if you don’t live in Lincoln!

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