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Resolutions and Goals

Have you made any New Years resolutions? Are you familiar with the SMART acronym for goal setting?

Specific—Being specific isn’t just about numbers. Want to start an exercise program? What kind of exercise are you wanting to do?

Measurable—Once again, it’s not necessarily about numbers. How are you accountable? How do you know that you have made progress?

Achievable—It’s good to set a challenge for yourself however, do you have the means or the position to make your goal happen? If not, you may need to set other goals first.

Relevant—Why do you want to set this goal? I like to set personal, spiritual, family, and professional goals

Time-bound—set a deadline! Really for me, a year is way too nebulous. I find setting shorter term goals to be a little more do-able.

No matter what the due date, regular review is essential for gauging your progress and whether or not adjustments need to be made.

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