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Focus on Music

What role does music play in your life and in your home? Do you or your children play an instrument? Do you always have the radio on? Does music help you relax, to connect with your spirituality, to express your emotions?

Some thoughts on making music more effective in your life

  • Enjoy silence. Music is much more meaningful when it’s not in the background 24/7

  • Try something new. Play a new instrument. Listen to a new style of music.

  • Listen to live musicians

  • Let your children experiment. There are a lot of relatively inexpensive instruments with decent sounds available

  • Help your children to listen for different instruments or a specific sound in a piece of music

  • Sing!

  • Join a band, choir, or a jam session

More specific goals may require help. There are a number of great studios here in Lincoln if you are looking to become better on an instrument. Music therapy can help with behavior, memory, and more

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