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Thoughts for a Tuesday

Disclaimer: I am not a counselor but there are often themes that come out in my own process of self-discovery and the work I do with my clients that are worth sharing.

Some food for thought. We all are (or have been) wounded or struggling in some way. How do we respond? It may depend on where we are in our journey. Sometimes dealing with our own struggles can leave us too depleted for anything else. Sometimes the pain is still too raw and fresh. Once we have attended to our own needs, does it make us more compassionate and resilient? How can we be more involved in our community in a way that is authentic to us? Can we maintain our own personal boundaries while meeting the needs of others? Does devotion to one cause mean that we have to be devoted to another? What are some needs in your corner of the world that aren’t being met?

We can all make a difference!

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