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My Favorite Music Youtubers

YouTube is a great resource for finding a song but there are also a lot of other great music-related resources on YouTube! One of my favorite channels is Woodsongs OTRH. It features live-streamed broadcasts and archived videos of their weekly radio show. While most of the music on the show is folk and roots, the diversity of musical offerings is amazing! Another great channel is GuitarLessons. The teachers focus on practical, real-life skills instead of showboating and are honest and open about their own shortcomings as musicians. You can sign up for paid lessons but honestly, there are many super helpful free videos they post. If you like your music youtubers to be a little more esoteric then check out Adam Neely, Rick Beato, or 12tone. Adam Neely and 12tone focus on the, for lack of a better term, more theoretical side of music theory while Rick Beato offers an entertaining mix of the practical and intellectual but at the layman’s level.

I’ve also found some great hammered dulcimer and banjo lessons online.

What music youtubers do you follow or recommend?

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