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Adaptive Music

Did you know that there is an app that helps people with limited movement or limited motor control make music? It’s called the Adaptive Use Musical Instrument (AUMI). It uses video technology to track the user’s movements to control a cursor that activates different areas of the screen to create musical sounds. It can be downloaded for free here. However, it is currently only available for Mac OS and iOS. In addition, some clients prefer working with technology. In one instance, mentioned in Music Therapy Perspectives, a client was believed to not have reading skills until he interacted with the AUMI. He easily read the names of the instruments in the app. He simply preferred technology to books. Sounds and sampled music can be added to available sounds; however, it seems this may be reliant on iTunes. It is strongly rumored that Apple will be discontinuing iTunes soon. The AUMI also features the ability to record data about sessions. This is useful for therapists tracking progress towards goals.

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