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Self Care Resources

woman stretching

Need some quick resources for short and sweet self-care routines? While I have heard some good things about several relaxation or exercise apps, they often require a subscription cost that is not listed with the app in playstore. I can find most of what I like on youtube. The downside is that youtube requires an internet connection, something I don’t always have when I am away from home. Sometimes ad placement can be very intrusive as well. However, you can find 10 or 20 minute yoga and cardio routines, adaptive yoga, chair yoga and office yoga and cardio! Good meditation and relaxation videos can be harder to find. Those videos that promise an hour or more of relaxing music are more about taking advantage of youtube’s algorhythms than providing a restful experience. I recommend finding a trusted yoga instructor and looking for guided meditations on their channel. The Calm app provides several free guided meditations on youtube. Just be really specific about what you need and you should be able to find it! You might also check your preferred streaming service. I haven’t found any workouts or more than background music on mine but will keep looking. What are your go to resources for a quick self-care routine? Let me know.

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