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Musical Musings

both with guitar and music teacher

I’ve been taking a couple of instrumental classes this summer. One is on teaching ukulele to children and the other is learning some guitar techniques to work with young children. Both are available through Music for Kiddos. If you haven’t checked out the website and some of Stephanie’s music, I highly recommend it! Her music is fun, upbeat and incorporates some really great music therapy principles. Some things I have been reminded of during these courses are that gaining muscle memory for new techniques takes time and can be frustrating before it gets to be fulfilling. Take time to introduce new skills but also provide learners with fun things they can do right away.

I also want to give a shout out to my friend Susan over at KZUM. She hosts a weekly Celtic music radio show called Thunder on the Plains. Check it out! I also love that Lincoln has such an open, welcoming music community. There are a number of live jams in the area. You can always find live music at the coffee shops or bars on a Friday or Saturday night. There’s also live music at several area parks throughout the summer.

What are your favorite local music resources?

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