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What does a music therapy session look like?

children with instruments

What does a music therapy session look like? It might be an individual or group session. It might be in a home, a school, or a medical setting. It might look a great deal like a lesson or music class. The music therapist may use live or recorded music. So, what makes it different than a musical performance or a group jam or class?

First of all, a music therapist will begin by finding out what the client’s needs are. This might begin before he or she even meets with the client. They’ll learn the client’s preferences and watch for how the client interacts with music, even if responses are subtle. The music therapist will then create a plan that meets those needs. In a medical setting, assessment, planning, treatment and evaluation may happen in one session. In other cases, treatment may take place over several sessions. The music therapist watches for responses to treatment.

Music therapy is goal oriented and led by a trained, credentialed professional. Results may be subtle but are observed and recorded. If an intervention isn’t working, the music therapist will re-evaluate and try something different.

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