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The Quest for the Perfect Music Therapy Bag

Ok. So there’s not really one but I can dream, right? It needs to be light weight so I can lift it in and out of the car but big enough to hold my instruments and equipment. Wheels would be great, except when there are stairs. Maybe soundproof, because I don’t want to hear the ocean drum every time I turn a corner. I think what I really need is Mary Poppin’s bag!

Since they don’t sell Mary Poppin’s bag in stores, this is what I’ve tried.


The laundry baskets work pretty well for my preschool groups. Some of my bigger drums don’t fit. I also have to coordinate pretty closely when I have back to back groups because there’s not enough room to have two classes with entirely different equipment.

The shopping cart was a complete fail. Nothing but the smallest instruments fit. I can’t get an ocean drum, an autoharp, my guitar or anything else of consequence in the cart.


I’ve been using the backpack for my hospice patients. The front pocket is great for my wallet and chapstick while the side pockets are great for hand sanitizer, lotion and my water bottle. However, I can only fit a few music books in there. There’s only room for a very few instruments and the music stand doesn’t quite fit in there all the way.


Rolling toolbox on sale at Napa Auto Parts! It’s a little big and bulky but I should be able to lift it in and out of the car if I don’t over load it. I should be able to carry it when there are stairs. I can even fit my ocean drum or clarinet in there! Plus there’s pockets for pens and pencils, hand sanitizer, etc!


The wagon is great for festival type gigs or large groups. I can fit my hammered dulcimer, small harp, bench, and music stands in there.

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