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What Do YOU need?

I’m in the process of re-evaluating my priorities, strategies and work-life balance. I recently started a part-time hospice job in addition to my private practice. I love working with elders. It’s great to be working as a music therapist in the field again! However, it has definitely changed the way I use my time.

Some things that are important to me as a professional and a parent

  • Taking care of the continued and varying needs of my family

  • Promoting music therapy. There are only a handful of us in this area but there are so many people who could benefit!

  • Helping families with autism. Anytime there is a need in a family, it affects everyone. Available services are becoming more accessible but there are so many more needed.

  • Making great music, both clinically and to feed my own soul

So what does this mean? I am still accepting private clients but on a limited basis. I am struggling to keep up with social media postings so want to be more selective with my blog posts.

What blog posts have been most helpful to you?

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