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I’m Feeling a Little Angry

We are all dealing with some sort of loss at this time. It’s normal to feel a wide range of emotions as part of the grieving process. Ethical self-disclosure is always about helping the client so I hope that what I am sharing helps you to know that you aren’t alone in your complicated emotions. As a reminder, I use mindfulness and emotional self-regulation in my work but I am not a counselor. If you have lingering feelings of depression or thoughts of hurting yourself or others, please contact a mental health professional.

I’ve been struggling recently with feelings of anger. I’m angry that so many of my colleagues are unable to work at this time, even though we are all trained in infection control and proper use of PPE (personal protective equipment). I’m angry that health care workers don’t always have access to PPE. I’m angry that patients can’t have the type of hospice experience they deserve. I’m angry with anti-science attitudes.

So what can I do when the frustration is getting to me? BREATHE! Take a social media break. Take a walk or a quick cardio break. Make some music or do some drumming. Live in an apartment or don’t have an instrument? Try chopsticks, pencils, or bottles filled with rice or beans. Use paper plates as a drum or like cymbals. Take time to acknowledge and honor your feelings. We once played a piece in band that triggered a strong emotional response from me. It wasn’t until I accepted those feelings that I could successfully play the piece.

What strategies are you using to deal with your emotions? How are you acknowledging and honoring them?

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