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New Year’s Thoughts

I won’t be sad to see 2020 go. What a difficult year. I recently sat in on an annual planning workshop with Soundscaping Source. One of the best recommendations that I took away was to focus on broad, value based, quarterly goals while things are still uncertain.

Things I learned this year:

· A lot about how to use zoom!

· Practicing my music recording and editing skills

· A little bit of video editing

· How to play an instrument in full PPE

· The risks of droplet spread from singing and playing a wind instrument and how to mitigate it

· A little more about prejudice

· More about finding spiritual peace

Things I want to accomplish next year

· Be a better ally to disadvantaged people

· Restart my newsletter and provide relaxation recordings

· Work on legacy projects with my patients

· Improving on-screen interaction and behavioral regulation

Here’s hoping for a better 2021 for all of us! What are some of your hopes and dreams for next year?


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